Grabbed Grub at Gwam


20170905_221403We wandered over to get some groceries and grab a little bite to eat.

20170905_221409Then someone suggested that everyone looks super serious, and none of the guys had a problem with that, especially Skyler.


Pizza Palooza: We Prevailed When the Weather Failed


20170904_194059We arrived early with blankets to secure a great viewing spot on the lawn. Then we played Go Fish to past the time while waiting for Pizza. As you can see, SA Trevor is just not having it while he tries to resist cracking a smile. This was an almost perfect shot because nobody was expecting it, unfortunately, I cut off Kailynn.

20170904_194123This shot was better only because I didn’t cut anyone off. It was getting dark fast with the clouds over head. However, we did manage to squeeze in a game of spoons using our cell phones instead of spoons before the pizza arrived. Going clockwise around the circle from left to right we have Kailynn, Chelsea, Marisa, , Hannah, Allie, Allysha, Kayla, Trevor, and Ethan.

20170904_210249I saw Pioneer Pete walking around at the event and I just had to get a picture with him, finally!

20170904_233658Unfortunately, the weather at this outdoor event started to get worse and the giant screen they projected “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” onto went down with the wind. We didn’t give up even though we were getting cold with the wind gusts. Anyway, so we all got together as an even bigger group and headed down the the Wilgus basement. I hooked my laptop up the TV and we resumed right where we got cut off earlier. For only 5 bucks I was able to rent the movie on Youtube for 72 hours, what a sweet deal!

Color Bash


20170904_133703Chase(left) and Sam(right) finishing up their awesome tie-dyed creations above.

Below, from left to right, Erik, Skyler, Garrett, Kody, Simon, and Vince, these guys are tying up their whatever white garments they had laying around before they giving them some color.20170904_131521

There were also 2 piñatas filled with candy, so I ate a bunch of that later in the day. We also had messy twister going where there was shaving cream with dye to match the colored circles. I managed to squeeze in one round of that before being stuck in a knot. My favorite event here was the sponge wars. There were buckets filled with dyed water and colorful sponges that we whipped at one another in all-out war. The McGregor staff, including my brother RA Luke who can be seen in the background on the left by a piñata, helped us with setting up for this event. The brothers showed no mercy when hurling the sponges at one another. Color Bash was a great time for sure. For people who didn’t know what to tie-dye, they found something. There were socks, gym shorts, and even a towel that got tie-dyed.

img_7746McGregor RA Luke and myself throwing sponges at Trevor!




Big thanks Wilgus staff members for making the Face in the Board and giving it an awesome paint job. Brij, Reid, and me got our picture taken before heading off to get ice rootbeer floats and cotton candy. In total, I had 3 rootbeer floats, 3 cotton candies, 2 string cheeses, and a chocolate chip cookie. I also took advantage of the Bungee Trampoline 3 times and rode the mechanical bull once. I think my favorite part was playing four square because I don’t believe I’ve played that game since elementary school.

Hall Theme: Mythological Creatures


20170905_171222[1]Because we came up with a hall theme for this school year, we had to decide on an awesome T-shirt design to go along with it. The staff, including myself, received shirts like the above: maroon with a flat, plain yellow design.

20170905_131140Available to any resident of Wilgus, this darker, navy blue shirt above with the same design, except SILVER is available. However, it can only be ordered for a limited time before the order goes out. I actually like the silvery design on this shirt more than the plain yellow so I will be ordering at least two of these.

hogwarts-crest1Anyway, the shirt is made to resemble the Hogwarts crest from Harry Potter. Underneath our logo, the “Melius Enim Credo Te” translates to “You Better Believe It”. One could interpret that it mean the 4 creatures symbolize everyone is different, but together we make up our hall of Wilgus. Without diversity and inclusion, we’d all be the same and things would be boring. To sum up, we are Wilgus, and these are some cool shirts that we can wear to show off our hall spirit. Also, it would be great having a shirt 10 years from now to look back at, or to have everyone to be able to just wear them as a big group.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Bulletin Board


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

This board is designed to educate residents on the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling, of course. I wanted to put this up at the beginning of the year to encourage students to recycle more and limit their wastes. Starting this year off right from the beginning can create a positive trend where we leave a smaller ecological footprint and hurt the environment and our future as little as possible.