Pool at Gwam


Chase, Brij, and I went to Gwam to play pool and eat snacks.20171104_173641


Chancellor Shields visits Wilgus


The Chancellor came to our LCCR to talk with residents about issues concerning current and future students of UW-Platteville. Shields had great answers for tough questions. It was informative and gratifying listening to him speak. One of the coolest parts was learning about the Master Plan for the layout of different buildings and areas through campus-wide construction in years to come.

Cosmic Bowling


20171028_211240Saturday Evening, we went to Pioneer Lanes to bowl a few frames. We sipped on Sierra Mist and Mountain Dew with enjoyed the crazy lights on the lanes.20171028_21132020171029_130404I was the worst bowler in the group, but we all had fun. I had to bowl with my left hand, because I had injured my middle finger on my right hand over the summer. Somehow, I managed to score an amazing 82 in our second game all left handed.20171029_131821


Goodwill Run for Halloween


20171027_150011Friday evening, Skylar drove Colten, Garrett, Brij, and me to Goodwill to shop for pieces to put together Halloween costumes. There were a lot of goofy and scary masks as well as costume ideas. After we got all the good deals we could at Goodwill, we headed to Wal-Mart to get the finishing touches as well as groceries.

Dark Chambers


20171027_204606Dark Chambers: Haunted Forest has been called the tri-state’s most exciting haunted attraction experience. It included two separate indoor haunts along with a long outdoor haunt trail that ran through them. We got some good scares at there with the actresses and actors doing an amazing job with their parts. The neat part was that there were 13 of us in the group. Bryce was unfortunately not in the shot for the above picture.

Board Game Night


20171025_192601This here game was really sweet. It’s a game, with zombies, and you don’t even need a controller. It’s about defending yourself. Object of the game: SURVIVE!20171025_184558(0)Catan, a popular game in Wilgus, with a battle of residents versus their wonderful resident director, Melissa.

Other games being played included Connect Four, Scrabble, Heads Up: Charades, and Dominoes: Train while many other games were available. Playing games for a couple hours helped take everyone’s minds off of homework, tests, being away from home, and the general challenge with life in college adjustment for the semester. Relaxation to ease the stress away.


20171023_214444During HIT, we played a huge game of musical chairs. What started off using all the chairs surrounding the tables and then some, eventually turned into a huge gap between chairs as players were eliminated.

20171023_214652_013Soon enough, we moved the game to a more practical spot. It was a at this moment that Garret knew he messed up.

20171023_214652_020Exactly one moment later, and then there were 4.

20171023_214954The ending of round 1.

20171023_214956Kody and Rkia tied for a win, perhaps, but that is debatable. They resolved the winner with Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Two more rounds followed. Chase took a win, while Simon and Garrett came close. Either way, it was fun for everyone.