Reusable Disney Totes!


Last night in the LCCR we hosted a reusable tote bag decorating even! All supplies were provided and all you needed to do was bring your own creativity! We had some of your favorite Disney and/or Harry Potter characters and symbols created as stencils, along with paint, markers, and glitter! Now you have a one-of-a-kind bag that you can use whether it be at the grocery store or to help move out at the end of the semester, rather than using another plastic bag that is sure to rip and end up in the trash.


Animal House


This past Thursday our SA Mal gave us a tour of the Animal House in the Biology Department located on the 3rd floor of Boebel Hall. A lot of fears were faced by those of us there, having never held a snake or bearded dragon before in my life, it was definitely something new and exciting! Following our time in the actual Animal House, our tour ended with a quick conversation with Biology Professor John Peterson, who told us about his studies on frogs and the anatomy of different animals. Fun fact we learned is that male frogs will wait to call at night when they’re alone or outnumbered by predators.