Earth Day Carnival!


This past Friday the Green Campus Project along with the help of many other groups and clubs on campus put together the Earth Day Carnival! It was a beautiful day to come out and play different games, participate in a raffle, along with free food and drinks. With each station you went to, you could make something, learn about different clubs on campus, talk to teachers, and/or participate in little activities. After meeting with 10 different tables and getting 10 tickets, you could get a free shirt or bag! I enjoyed this  event so much and was able to leave with a new plant and bag made from a recycled t-shirt that I made! However, I did learn at this event that I am not good at making paper airplanes out of recycled paper. I also found out that Zoe G. from our wing is involved in some of these clubs, that she helped put together the carnival and helped with the station playing jump rope with a jump rope made from recycled bags. It was nice getting to have residents talk to some of my old favorite teachers from the Biology department as well as new teachers from the Art Department who helped teach us how to create the t-shirt bags! Overall, great event and can’t wait until next year! Happy Earth Day!


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