RESPECT: It’s More Than Just A Word

The school year has officially kicked off and with everyone getting back into the swing of things here on campus, I would like to discuss one topic that a lot of people have been forgetting about and that is respect. Whether this is your first year or your fifth year on campus having respect for your residence hall and those living around you is key! In just the few days we’ve all been on campus the amount of respect being shown is almost nonexistent and that is not OK. The bathrooms and/or kitchens have been completely trashed on all floors of Wilgus to the point that even our wonderful custodian Mary Jo has made quite a few remarks regarding the conditions. Staff members and fellow residents have been reporting about having negative remarks being said about them and it makes absolutely no sense to do that. Here at Wilgus, we stand for respect, inclusion, and just overall kindness. Wilgus is known for the stereotype of being the catty and drama filled residence hall, so let’s prove those stereotypes to be completely wrong. We can learn from this and make this year much better than the past few days and I know that together we can be create outstanding and strong community. 


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