United We Stand Lecture Series: Caroline Spencer

On Sunday night The United We Stand Lecture Series brought in speaker Caroline Spencer to talk about her experiences on her physical fitness journey and her accomplishments with extreme distance running. This inspiring woman has competed 125 marathons, 6 100 mile endurance races (which consist of over 30 hours of nonstop running through mountains!), as well as 11 Iron Mans and Boston Marathons. She discussed how she pushes through the pain to reach her endurance goals. Her philosophy is: if you want something bad enough, you will achieve the goal. Caroline was not an athlete in high school and in college she only casually ran and competed in a few 5 and 10K’s with her friends, but with hard work and determination she has pushed her body and has completed races that most of us would never even dream of even trying.

Caroline hopes that her story will inspire others to go out an accomplish their fitness goals. If you are interested in training for a 5 or 10K, but running has never been your forte check out this couch to 5K workout plan:

If you follow this plan, running that 5K at the end will be a breeze 🙂 Remember working out is always more fun when you have a buddy to keep you accountable! Happy running ladies!



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