Student’s Fight Back

On Sunday, September 27th, CPR brought the program Student’s Fight Back to campus. It was a very motivating and empowering seminar teaching students to be their own CEO of their personal safety. Morgan Crouch, the speaker for the evening, taught us some basic skills and self defense techniques to live our lives fearlessly and protect ourselves no matter the situation. When encountering a potential attacker, Morgan told us to get in a ready position, and say: stop, back up, I don’t want any trouble. If the person continues to come closer and makes physical contact, you are going to want to do what they call “badass ballet”. The first move you are going to want do is a lower palm hit to the face, the attacker will then be off balance and vulnerable so the next most effective move is a knee to the groin and finally a knee/kick to the face. It is important to remember if you bring improvised weapons into the situation, they can be used against you, so make sure you have experience using them in case a potential situation arises.

The program also reminded students to be conscious about your intuition, if you have that gut feeling something is wrong, get yourself out of the situation. We must all be conscious of our surroundings, stay observant: make eye contact and be aware of body language. Also, recognize signs of manipulation such as someone disrespecting your “no” or trying to charm you. We also discussed the importance of bystander intervention, if you see warning signs or actual assault or abuse please step in or call the authorities.

The sad truth is that 1 in 5 women are sexually assaulted in college and every 2 minutes someone in the US is sexually assaulted. Having the tools and knowledge of skills to protect yourself can seriously save your life. If you are interested in learning more about the program Student’s Fight Back or about self defense visit their website: On the website you will also find many resources and hotlines if you yourself have been a victim of violence and abuse.

I will be posting some of the resources outside my door (209) that were handed out at the presentation as well if anyone is interested in taking a look.


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