Do you know how to compost?

Wilgus has started to compost!!!!!! The second floor is piloting a composting system for the rest of the semester.  If this month goes well, it will be implemented through all of the building next year.  The compost container is the 5 gallon bucket with the lid in the kitchen on the second floor. If you have any questions or comments about the compost please ask!!!! I would be more then willing to share my knowledge with you.

Read more to learn what can be composted in Wilgus.

* All fruits and vegetables including trim or prep waste

* Nuts and fruit or olive pits

* Cooked meats and uncooked trim

* Bones

* Shellfish and shells

* Seafood

* Coffee grounds

* Dairy products (limited amounts of milk)

* Eggs and egg shells

* Bakery products

* Pasta and sauces

* Floral materials and landscaping trim

* Food waste as defined above

* Soiled paper napkins and paper plates

* Paper beverage cups

* Wooden or paper dinnerware

Once again, if you have any questions about composting, would like to learn more about it, or would like to help please come see me!


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