Snazzy Volleyball


We made a team of 6 to dress up goofy and compete in the tournament over at the volleyball courts.
We even arrived early to play 3-on-3 with an open court for a while for our warm up. It was quite a warm up running around all over and diving to get the ball. We actually even had some really good volleys. Volleyball with only three people on a team makes for great cardio and really gets the blood pumping!


Impromptu N64 Gaming


Unplanned get together to play Mario Party 2 in my room. Vince playing some Pokemon Crystal on his laptop.

Later more residents stopped by after the guys playing Mario left to see the magician & hypnotist in the PCS. While the first group of guys were gone, we played some Super Smash Bros, watched some Pirates of the Caribbean, and talked.

Volleyball in the PAC


20170908_204123Broke a sweat playing some volleyball in the Pioneer Activity Center. We had a big circle until a side opened up on the court then we cycled our awesome 2 westers onto the court for a round or two then off. We had one game where we all managed to play a real game vs eachother. Definitely got a good work out though. Attendees of this little event include Brij, Marshall, Travis, Ethan, Chase, Sam, Vince, Simon, Garret, Skyler, Colten, and 2 easter Ger.

Following are just some awesome pictures from throughout the night.

20170908_205945Travis with the Spike!

20170908_205913Chase going for it. So close!

20170908_205833Sam, probably stretching.

20170908_205756Brij is moving pretty quick.

20170908_20570520170908_205638Oh, Simon.

20170908_205612Ethan is gettin’ it!

20170908_205521Good game and good sportsmanship handshakes underway.

20170908_205402Vince and Sam looked like they were about to butt heads.

20170908_205334Sam getting ready for a perfect bump.