Spring is in the Air Door Decs!


Check out your doors for some cute new door decs! We are well into the Spring season and with all the rain and gloom outside, I decided to brighten up the halls with these fun and colorful door decs! Hope you enjoy!! 🙂

Reusable Disney Totes!

Last night in the LCCR we hosted a reusable tote bag decorating even! All supplies were provided and all you needed to do was bring your own creativity! We had some of your favorite Disney and/or Harry Potter characters and symbols created as stencils, along with paint, markers, and glitter! Now you have a one-of-a-kind bag that you can use whether it be at the grocery store or to help move out at the end of the semester, rather than using another plastic bag that is sure to rip and end up in the trash.

Animal House

This past Thursday our SA Mal gave us a tour of the Animal House in the Biology Department located on the 3rd floor of Boebel Hall. A lot of fears were faced by those of us there, having never held a snake or bearded dragon before in my life, it was definitely something new and exciting! Following our time in the actual Animal House, our tour ended with a quick conversation with Biology Professor John Peterson, who told us about his studies on frogs and the anatomy of different animals. Fun fact we learned is that male frogs will wait to call at night when they’re alone or outnumbered by predators.

Tips With Tina!

This board will always have a spot in my heart! For all the Bob’s Burgers fans I hope you enjoy this one! This board takes classic and hilarious quotes from the great Tina Belcher and breaks them down show how they are really some of the best quotes about building your self confidence and accepting your differences. We’re all different and like different things, and that’s what this board is all about! I’m a huge fan of the show and love that Tina is being seen as a feminist icon and someone that people can look up to, even if she’s just an awkward and lovable 13 year old girl.

Earth Day Carnival!

This past Friday the Green Campus Project along with the help of many other groups and clubs on campus put together the Earth Day Carnival! It was a beautiful day to come out and play different games, participate in a raffle, along with free food and drinks. With each station you went to, you could make something, learn about different clubs on campus, talk to teachers, and/or participate in little activities. After meeting with 10 different tables and getting 10 tickets, you could get a free shirt or bag! I enjoyed this  event so much and was able to leave with a new plant and bag made from a recycled t-shirt that I made! However, I did learn at this event that I am not good at making paper airplanes out of recycled paper. I also found out that Zoe G. from our wing is involved in some of these clubs, that she helped put together the carnival and helped with the station playing jump rope with a jump rope made from recycled bags. It was nice getting to have residents talk to some of my old favorite teachers from the Biology department as well as new teachers from the Art Department who helped teach us how to create the t-shirt bags! Overall, great event and can’t wait until next year! Happy Earth Day!

20 Different Ways to Say “I Love You”

Valentine’s Day has past and Mother’s Day is just around the corner so why not keep the love in the air and learn how to say I love you in 20 different languages! Check out this new bulletin board by the lounge to try and impress the family with some new language skills! 

Clothesline Project 2.0

In support of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the Doyle Center and Dean of Students partnered together to present the Clothesline Project again this semester. On my way to class, I was able to stop by the West Lawn with resident Mercedes from 3W to create a free t-shirt in support of those who are victims of sexual assault. There were plenty of t-shirts to be decorated and people were using the shirts to share their stories, feelings, words of encouragement, experiences and/or drawings about sexual assault and violence, and consent. As a Netflix enthusiast, I decorated my shirt in honor of the current 13 Reasons Why phenomenon!

Pioneers Got Talent

Congrats to RA Jen from 4E for placing 2nd at Pioneers Got Talent on Saturday!! She did such a great job playing the ukulele and singing a mash-up of “My Girl” by The Temptations and “Starving” by Hailee Steinfeld. I enjoyed a nice dinner, courtesy of Haus, and entertainment provided by different UWPlatt students and the night’s host, Brian O’Sullivan, the singing comedian! Thanks to my residents who showed up to watch!

(Not pictured: Morgan from 2W, who needed to leave a few minutes early)

Safe Sex ABC’s!

Don’t forget to check out the new bulletin board in the wing! This new board has different facts and information about sex and how to make sure you’re being safe! Hope you enjoy 🙂

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